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Teen3D.Com - Trivia Chat

Teen3D.Com's Trivia Chat is a really neat chat room because it is no ordinary chat room! Trivia chat has an automated bot that is ready to ask you hundreds of thousands of different questions to test your brain power. So go up against other chatters and see how smart you really are. Like all of our chat rooms, trivia chat is moderated for scams, abusive chatters, pedophiles, etc. and is a safe, fun chat room! Follow the instructions below to begin chatting:

1.) Wait 30-60 seconds for the chat applet to load (Visit Java.Com if it doesnt load.)
2.) Enter your nickname in the "Nickname" box (It may be taken, so use something unique!)
3.) Click the "Connect" button, wait a few seconds.
4.) Enter your message in the white box, and click Enter.
5.) You are now chatting at Teen3D.Com! Congradulations!

Trivia Chat Room

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